Monday, January 23, 2012

St. Barbara's Day Results

You may remember reading a post on December 4 about the St. Barbara's Day tradition of cutting fruit tree limbs and bringing them indoors so that on Christmas Day they would bloom. (I did cut some cherry limbs and brought them into the house to see if they really would bloom by Christmas.)

Then, there was the post on December 27 showing the limbs.  Did they burst into bloom by Christmas?   No.

Well, then I thought that perhaps they would burst into bloom by Old Christmas, January 6.  Did they?  No.

Here it is January 23, 2012.  Have they bloomed yet?

At least it looks like there are finally some buds starting to form!


  1. hunh! not yet. well, maybe they're just waiting for chinese new year, which starts today! the chinese bring in all these pretty orange trees. i find it interesting how we like to bring fragrant, fruited foliage into our homes in anticipation of spring and blooming. i spy snow outside my window, but have cherry blossoms in my head!!

    1. It says that if there are no blooms, it means the new year will be full of bad luck. I sure don't need THAT! :)


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