Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Did I Spin Over the Weekend?

On Saturday, I stopped by a new store in Vinton called Wooly Belle*.  They had just gotten in some beautiful roving and top.  Here is what I purchased:

Wool Top by Wild Hare Fibers

Saturday night, I spun the top into this single ply yarn:

Single-ply yarn

After letting the single ply yarn rest overnight to help set the twist, I plied it together and produced this two-ply yarn:

4 ounces of the wool top produced approximately 192 yards of two-ply yarn

I am not sure what I am going to do with this yarn, but didn't it turn out nice!

*Wooly Belle is located at 128 N. Pollard Street, Vinton, VA.  Their hours are Mon-Sat 9-6 and Sun 12-5.    The owner of Wooly Belle had this to say about her shop:  "We have an eclectic group of vendors. We've researched and searched for the most unique items in the local area.  We try to keep new things in the store and provide a unique experience when you come in, every time! We never want it to be the same place twice."

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  1. Oh that yarn looks AMAZING! What lovely harvest-y colors! I insist that you post photos of whatever you make with it in the end. :)

    1. I promise to post pics of what this yarn grows up to be! :D

  2. oh, this is gorgeous!!! i can see it woven into a chunky, nubby sweater, perfect for going out in winter, paired with boots!

    1. It would make a pretty sweater, but the only problem is I only have about 192 yards which is not very much at all. Of course, I could always buy more roving and spin more!

  3. Replies
    1. All of the fibers that Wild Hare Fibers produces are absolutely gorgeous!


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