Sunday, January 8, 2012

January "Spring" Cleaning

My husband and I have been doing some MAJOR housecleaning. Not just simple cleaning. Going through every closet.  Going through every cabinet. Going through EVERYTHING. I have been vicious about getting rid of things that I know that I no longer have a use for. We have donated what we can to Goodwill and the library. Yes. I even got rid of over one hundred books.  No fears though. I still have hundreds left!

My animal companions have not been happy about this whole process. Vacuum monsters running all over the house. Wet spongy things soaking the floors. White gooey stuff on the walls that stick to their fur. Things being moved.  Chaos in the eyes of my animal friends.

Ike takes a close look at the new living room rug. 

He decides that it is quite comfortable.

Meanwhile, Ozzy just wants to play with his squeaky frisbee!

Mysterious orbs appeared in this photo.

Phantom has remained unconcerned about all of the goings-on. 

Of course I have not even touched my computer/craft/music room.  It was already a disaster zone, but it is a total nightmare now because as I have found items that should have been there in the first place, I have just pitched them through the door.

There is always next weekend!


  1. Phantom has the right idea. Now Ike, on the other hand .... that look he's giving you needs a caption!

    1. Ike is always giving me a look if I disturb him in the slightest!


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