Thursday, January 12, 2012

Roasted Onions

Roasted Onions

These should be cooked in their skins; but before putting them into the oven, brush off all grittiness. Place in a moderate oven, cooking gradually until nearly done, then quicken the oven and brown.  Serve with plenty of fresh butter.
--from Godey's Lady's Book Receipts and Household Hints by Sarah Annie Frost, Evans, Stoddart & Co, 1870, p. 173.  (For more great 19th century recipes, check out the rest of this book on Google Books.)

(I have made this before and it is yummy! I cooked them in a 350F oven until they were fork-tender. Then, I turned the broiler on to brown them.  Watch it very carefully so you don't burn your tasty onions! I also seasoned them with salt and pepper to taste.)


  1. I had a great crop of onions in the garden this year. Good recipe!

    1. You will have to whip up some roasted onions! :D


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