Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mystery Item Revealed

I had a difficult time attempting to take a photo of yesterday's mystery item in use. First, I realized that all of my modern tables were too thick to clamp the PINCUSHION on the edge.  After walking all over the house, I finally found that the small table in our breakfast nook was thin enough.   Then, I just could not seem to get enough light for the photo, so I hope that you get the general idea of how this works.

In a time when everything was handsewn, this 19th century pincushion could be clamped on a table so that ladies could easily locate their pins.

The first person to guess the answer was Dave S.
Meg C. was also correct.

Thanks to everyone for playing Mystery Item!


  1. How fancy! I want one. I, like Tipper, had thought it was a strange kind of darning egg, but decided against it when I considered that a cushioned darning-egg would rather defeat its own purpose. I love these mystery item posts!

    1. I really enjoy looking for items to post for the mystery items. I have quite a few unusual things at home that I can use for posts. :D

  2. I never would have gotten it!!


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