Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Alone on a Holiday

Remember how much fun it used to be when you would have that extra day to stay home from school because of a holiday? You could sleep in, watch TV, eat junk food, play and basically do nothing productive all day. I decided this morning that I was going to ignore any chores or errands that really needed to be done. I was going to enjoy my day like I did not have any responsibilities.

Here is how I spent my day:
1. Slept in until 7:00am (I usually get up around 5:15am)
2. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast
3. Played on facebook and Pinterest
4. Cuddled a sweet doggy and two kitties
5. Showered
6. Knitted in front of the fireplace

A cowl that I just started knitting last night

7. Read a murder mystery while enjoying leftovers for lunch
8. More knitting
9. Coloring!  Remember how much fun it used to be to color?  Each fall when it was time to start back to school, mom would always buy me the 64 pack of Crayola crayons.  I was so careful with them!  I would always make sure that I put each crayon back exactly where it came from in the box.  I would stick a pencil into the crayon's spot so that I was sure to get it back exactly right. I would not share my crayons with others because I was afraid that they would not put them back at the correct spot or that they would (horrors!) BREAK one.I guess I was an uptight child! This past week, one of my friends had posted on facebook about how much fun she was having coloring mandalas. So, I decided that today was a fabulous day to color, so I printed out some pictures to color from the Internet.  

First, I had to find my colored pencils:

Then I spent an enjoyable hour coloring this picture:

10. Then I decided that I would work on some blog posts, but my both of my netbook computers were running slower than molasses.  Finally, the speed mysteriously got faster and I was able to work on this post.
11. Afternoon nap in front of the fireplace.
12. I did do one other responsible thing today.  I put a roast into the slow cooker with some veggies for supper.  

How did you spend your holiday?

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