Sunday, November 6, 2011

Virginia/Mountain Speech #4


aggravatinists--"That rooster is the aggravatinists thing when he starts crowing at 4 am every morning!"  (most aggravating)

aspell--"I am going to sit with you aspell and do a bit of knitting." (awhile)

yander--"Why, those folks just live right over yander!"  My grandpa used to say this all of the time and I always wanted to be just like Grandpa, so of course, I started repeating it.  My mom would get so mad and tell me to STOP saying that because "yander" is not even a word!  (yonder)

backards--"Did you get dressed in the dark this morning?  You have your shirt on backards!" (backwards)

bub--"The light bub on the porch has burned out again."  (bulb)

chimley--"Santa always brings me great presents when he comes down the chimley."  I still say "chimley" rather than "chimney"!

cut on the light--"It sure is dark in here, please cut on the light."  I still use this one all of the time. (turn on the light)

trim a pencil--"The lead in my pencil just broke.  I am going to look for a pencil trimmer."  I never realized that this was the least bit strange until a co-worker looked at me like I was nuts! (pencil sharpener)

druthers--"If I had my druthers, I would always eat a piece of pie before I would eat mustard greens!"  (rather)

dreen--"If you would dreen the water out of those pinto beans, we could go ahead and start cooking them."  (drain)

eat a bait--"He came over for dinner and laws, he did eat a bait of food!"  (eat large quantities)

getting your dander up--"You don't have to get your dander up, I'll make more cookies." (upset)


If I had my druthers, I would stay home from work tomorrow!


  1. I use them all : ) and so do most folks here!

  2. I'm like you Tipper! About the only one that I do not use is "dreen", but my whole family used it when I was growing up.

  3. Ya'll might SIT aspell in your neck of the woods, but we SET aspell in mine. Plus we cut off the light as well as cut it on.

  4. Ha! We do quite a bit of settin' here too. :)

  5. Chimley made me giggle with glee. These posts make me want to visit my relatives! <3

  6. Joanna, Where are your relatives from? Glad to make you giggle! ;)


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