Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mystery Item

On the way to my in-laws' home for Thanksgiving, I snapped a bunch of pics.  Do you know what that is hanging in the barn?  You typically do not see this particular type in the Roanoke area of Virginia.

Let's have a closer look:

Leave a comment below with your guess.  I will post the correct answer tomorrow afternoon.


It is . . . <drum roll please>

Burley Tobacco!

To learn more about the different types of tobacco, click here.

In the Scott County area where my husband is from, this is the type of tobacco that they produced.  In the Patrick County area, where my mom's family is from, you tend to see flue-cured tobacco.  


  1. Tobacco hanging. Is that a casket in the barn?

  2. Tobacco? Turkey gizzards? Ham hocks? Beef jerky? (I suspect whatever it is I never experienced it growing up in Vermont.)

  3. My first guess was tobacco. Do I win a prize?

  4. LOL prizes.....yet! I hope to eventually be able to have little contests on this blog and that will involve prizes! :)

    Rae, Nope, that is not a casket. It is just a piece of farming equipment that is in the barn. I double checked with my hubby to be sure!

  5. Although I have never been a "fume sucker" (old term for a smoker), I find the tobacco culture and its' regional differences interesting. I have never seen tobacco hanging in that type of barn.

  6. I had never seen burley tobacco and how it was cured until I married Steve, so I was fascinated by it too


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