Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tour de Fleece Days 14, 15, & 16

I apologize to my readers who are not fiber folks for all of the fiber posts recently!  The Tour de Fleece ends on July 22.

Spun two bobbins of single-ply baby camel.
Trying to decide what to spin next!

Plied the baby camel and ended up with 162 yds of 2-ply yarn.
Decided to spin the mohair next. Mohair from Unplanned Peacock.
Visited at Wooly Belle in Vinton, VA and the shop kitty, Princess Nikki decided to help!

Plied the mohair and finished with 258 yds of 2-ply yarn.
Started spinning a menio/bamboo blend from "Miss Babs"
Also spun up a sample of "Hat Trick" from River's Edge Fiber Arts"
It is a blend:  40% fine Merino/40% superwash Merino/20% silk.
I am in LOVE with this fiber!  Look how wonderful it looks spun!
The yarn in the lower left photo is what I have spun so far.
2,258 yds of 2-ply yarn!  That is 6,774 yds of yarn in 16 days.
3.84 MILES of yarn!!!

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