Monday, July 23, 2012

Tour de Fleece 21, 22, FINAL

From top left column:
Unplanned Peacock Mohair--258 yds 
Sheepish Creations “Pearl” Wensleydale--182 yds 
Miss Babs “Blue Lagoon” Merino/Bambboo--224 yds 
Baby Camel--162 yds 
Cotton--66 yds 
Miss Babs “Watermelon” Merino/Bamboo--378 yds 
From top right column:
River’s Edge “Buckskin” Merino/Silk/Milk/Banana--500 yds 
Wild Hare “Grateful Dyed” Merino/Black Alpaca--768 yds 
Woolybuns Merino/Angora/Nylon--146 yds 
Miss Babs “Cool Rain” Merino/Bamboo--378 yds 
Gray wool spun on drop spindle (not shown)--30 yds

TOTAL: 3 pounds (48 oz) of fiber spun 
3,110 yards!!!!

(That is Fred the Spider guarding the yarn!)

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