Sunday, April 15, 2012

Olde Liberty Fibre Faire 2012 Part I

What a WONDERFUL time I had at the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire in Bedford, Virginia yesterday. Even though it was a bit chilly, the skies were a gorgeous blue as the vendors were setting up.

Here are some scenes from festival.  Be sure to check out the next post to see what I added to my "stash"!

Wooly Belle with Bob demonstrating needle felting

Beautiful felted rugs

It is like being in a candy store!

I want to spin it ALL!

THIS is what you find at the end of a rainbow!

Gorgeous roving that my friend, Courtney, purchased

Can I PLEASE take this baby goat home?

The alpaca yarn hanging on the rack is just TOO fabulous for words

My yarn for sale

Wooly Belle's booth

I just realized that I did not take ANY photos of the indoor vendors!  I was so distracted by the fiber that I totally forgot. This is in no way meant as a slight to any of the marvelous vendors who were set up indoors.

Copyright 2012--All Rights Reserved--The Wheel & Distaff by Kimberly Burnette-Dean. 


  1. It was a great show and really good to see you there! Thanks for helping out and hope to see you soon again. I always enjoy our talks.

  2. It was great to see you too, Leslie! I hope to get myself down to Meadows of Dan to check out your new shop really soon! :)


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