Monday, April 23, 2012

Name That Yarn

I did some crockpot dyeing this past Saturday and posted some photos of the yarn on facebook and declared the name of the colorway to be "Rotten Bananas". Then, several folks started posting names that they thought suited the yarn better. So, I figured that maybe I should just let everyone vote for their favorite name! So, leave your vote in the comment section below. I will leave the voting open until Friday, April 27.

Here are the choices:

Grinch Green
Mermaid Hair
Rotten Bananas
Sesame Street Spawn (Big Bird & Cookie Monster's Baby!)
Skunk Cabbage Spring
And a late addition from Theresa--Key Lime Explosion
Just out of the dyepot

On the niddy noddy

Amazing how it looks after it is re-skeined!

I am really loving this!
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  1. Christy R.--Votes for Rapunzel

  2. Mermaid Hair..and gosh is it prettier now that it's all 'gussied up'..You are a smooth operator, my friend!


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