Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Child By Any Other Name . . .

Most of us have heard children referred to as "kids". I once had a teacher tell me to stop that because "kids" are baby goats!  Young'uns is another fairly common term.  I have also heard "lil' shaver". BUT, have any of you ever heard children referred to as "suck eggs"?  I remember my grandpa telling me that I was just a little suck egg when I was a little girl.  I also remember him referring to other children the same way.
Me back when I was just a lil' suck egg
What names have you heard for children?  Have you ever heard "suck egg"?

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  1. My husband just got home and started adding to my list:

    Another couple that I thought of:

  2. I was checking out sone books to a mother and her son, perhaps six. I asked the tyke, 'And what does Mommy call you?" He answered, "Little S--t."

  3. I remember my grandmother and some other older Franklin County relatives calling children "chaps."

  4. Haha! Never heard of Suck Egg...there's something that just seems wrong about that. My Grandpa used to call my little sister a picklepus...I guess that's a little weird too. My husband does call our son Squirt.

    1. My Grandpa Burnette had some very interesting sayings! Calling children "suck eggs" is another good example!

      Interestingly enough, after I made this post, I looked at the Merriam Webster Dictionary online and this is the definition for suck- egg:
      1. a young, foolish, or contemptible person
      2. an animal (as a weasel or cuckoo) that sucks eggs

      So, with definition in mind, yes, children are young and they can certainly be foolish!

  5. We were just on vacation at Myrtle Beach and we ate at a restaurant called "Creek Ratz" which the menu explained is another name for children. Especially the ones that go out and play in the creeks and get all muddy and dirty!


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