Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Lore--Day 20


Christmas Gift!
On Christmas morning, if you could say "CHRISTMAS GIFT!" to someone before they could say it to you, you would have much good luck in the upcoming year. However, saying it first did not mean that you would receive a gift!

Wonder Ball
Have you ever heard of a wonder ball? In the 19th century, it was a popular item for mothers or grandmothers who knitted.  A ball of yarn was unrolled and then rewound with many small gifts inside.  (Hmmmm...I am envisioning a wonder ball with diamond rings, necklaces, jewelry, money, etc. hidden inside!)

Bringing ivy into the house is considered to be bad luck, especially if someone is already ill.  If someone in your house is sick and there is ivy in the house, REMOVE IT!  However, at Christmas time, when you have holly and ivy together in your home, they reunite, representing male and female so bad luck is avoided.

An ivy leaf left in a bowl of water on New Year's Eve will, on Twelfth Night Eve, forecast what your upcoming year will be like. If the ivy is still green and fresh then a good year is expected.  If it has black spots, it signifies ill health.

More Superstitions
Any evergreens brought home from church are considered to be especially lucky and, if kept in the home all year, will bring good fortune.

If you look at the shadows cast by people gathered around the fire on Christmas night and see a shadow that appears to lack a head, that person will die within the year.  

On Christmas morning, you should throw open the doors of your home and sweep the threshold with a broom to clear your house of trouble for the upcoming year.

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