Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Lore--Day 2

Christmas Superstitions

Take nine holly leaves and tie into a handkerchief with nine knots and put it under your pillow to dream of the future.  (It might be less painful if you use smooth-leaf holly!)

At midnight on Christmas Eve, it is said that animals kneel down to adore the new-born King and that they also have the power of speech. (Several years ago, I did go to the barn to see what the sheep and pigs were doing.  Guess what?   They were looking at me like "HEY!  You are here at a strange time of night, but since you are here, why not give us some feed?"  They did not have to speak to get that message across to me!)

Bees are said to assemble on Christmas Eve and hum a Christmas hymn  BUT, if you hear them, you will die within the year.

On Christmas Eve, all water turns to wine.  BUT, if you go look, you will die within the year.

**There is something that I have always wondered about these superstitions:  When they mention "Christmas Eve"  are they referring to Dec 24 or Old Christmas Eve on Jan 5?  Since it seems like a potential deadly venture, I would advise you to avoid trying to see if these things happen on either night!


  1. Man, I am closing my eyes AND ears and sticking with a feather pillow!

  2. That's very interesting...and also kind of Christmas horror stories of a sort. Neat.


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