Sunday, June 10, 2012

Latest Fiber Adventures

It seems this past week has been so busy, but when I look back at what I have actually done, I'm really not sure WHY it seemed so busy!

I have not posted anything in a week. Mainly because I have been working on updating the appearance of my blog.  I am still not satisfied with the new look, but I figure that I can tinker with it as time goes by.

Last Friday, I FINALLY sent off a Texel sheep fleece that I bought over a year ago to have it processed into roving so that I can finally spin it.  I used to always hand card all of the wool that I spun, but after doing that whole process for over 20 years, I just want nice, clean roving to work with!

Here is a photo of a Texel sheep.
For more info on this breed, click here. 
(This photo is from that website)

  In addition to sending off the Texel fleece, I also sent off a beautiful, fawn colored alpaca fleece that I bought last October.  Here is a photo of the fleece:

Misty Morn's fleece

and here is a photo of the alpaca that used to wear the fleece!

Her name is "Misty Morn" and she lives at
Walnut Knoll Farm in Canon, Georgia

I am finally getting around to blocking a shawlette that I finished a couple of MONTHS ago:

And I have been spinning this gorgeous fiber which was the Wooly Belle April Roving of the Month

Fiber from Sheepish Creations
Colorway: Blue Diamonds
Fiber Content: Merino/alpaca/silk/firestar

And doing some dyeing:

Colorway:  "A.J.'s Delight"

Colorway: "Storms are on the Ocean"

Colorway: "Grandma's Flowers"

I guess I HAVE been a bit busy with my fiber stuff!

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  1. Wow you're busier when you're not busy than I am when I'm up to my elbows...all great looking..can't wait to see what happens with the processed...Dianne

    1. This is the first time that I have ever sent off fleeces for processing. I am really excited about it too, especially with that alpaca because it is absolutely gorgeous. The photo does not show the true color. I suspect that it will be several months before I get them back, but I think that the wait will be worth it!

  2. OOhh! Nice job with the dyeing! Especially the last two..and the last one is my favorite.

    1. Thanks Danielle! I really like the last one also and, of course, it was the one that I had not planned to do, it just "happened" as I was playing with different mixtures.


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