Friday, June 22, 2012

Do you have Prince Albert in a Can?

"Yes,  Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"  
<muffled laughter> . . .
"If you do, you had better let him out so he can breathe!" 
<raucous laughter>

Remember making prank phone calls when you were growing up?  We only had one telephone and it was in the living room, so we had to plan out when we could sneak around and make our prank calls.  A favorite time was when mom and dad were outside in the garden or doing yard work. I remember that sometimes we would dial the number of someone that we knew, a favorite being our grandparents and other relatives, but many times we would just dial the first three numbers of our exchange (952) followed by four random numbers. What was so great was that the party that we called had no way of knowing who we were since this was before the age of caller ID.  Back then, if you wanted to know who was calling, you answered the phone! We would also prank call the homes of boys that we liked, but we would usually chicken out when we heard his voice on the phone and quickly hang up.  Phew!  I'm very glad that caller ID was still years into the future!

In addition to the Prince Albert joke, we would also call and ask the unsuspecting person if their refrigerator was running.  When they replied "yes" we would choke out "then you had better try to catch it!" through our laughter.

Did you ever make prank calls? Did you have any standard pranks?

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  1. Dave KirkpatrickJune 22, 2012 at 9:35 AM

    Oh, I did loads of them. One time I impersonated a police officer and put the fear of Christ up a friend of mine, thought he was in big trouble. Another time I called my ex father-in-law, a farmer, and impersonated an asian asking for live chickens, because he was pestered by these people (they halal them, a special form of killing) and require them alive. I persisted, he got more and more annoyed, I continued to persist, but had to give up in the end and collapsed with laughter. There were many more too.

    1. Dave, did you do the Prince Albert prank? Just curious since he was Queen Victoria's hubby! :)

  2. Yes we did it too! We did the Prince Albert one-the frig-and one where we said your cow is in my yard. When they said they didn't have a cow we said we didn't have a yard : )

    1. Hee! Tipper! We didn't ever do the one about the cows, but that is a good one! :D


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