Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meadows of Dan, Virginia


We decided to visit Meadows of Dan today. I spent the first 22 years of my life there and then lived there on and off for the next 16 years.

I wanted to visit because it was the Chinquapin Festival this weekend. (see my post about Chinkypins) I really wanted to find some since I have not tasted one in something like 15 years. I knew there was one at my Grandmother's house at the end of the driveway. Unfortunately, I no longer own the home, but, I decided to pull into the driveway and have a look. Lo and behold, there they were . . . little, brown, shiny chinkypins peeking out of the burrs! I must have one! I hopped out of the car and just as I was reaching up to get one, a HUGE dog started running straight for me, barking like he really meant business. Needless to say, I left without a chinkypin!

While I was visiting a friend, she gave me a tip about where she thought there still might be a chinkypin bush. I had to check it out. The bush was COVERED in spiny, bright green burrs. Many of them had not opened yet. I was excited! Unfortunately, all of the chinkypins were tiny. Teeny-tiny. In fact, there was no meat inside the hulls. I wonder if all of the dry weather caused them to be that way?

We also visited Mabry Mill, Rocky Knob Cabins, Rocky Knob Visitor Center, Poor Farmer's Market, Mountain Meadow Farm & Craft Market and I also had to stop and photograph my elementary school that caught on fire last month.

I love visiting back home, but I usually end up having at least one good cry while I am there. Even memories that are good can make you sad sometimes.


  1. Even though it was the Chinquapin Festival, I didn't see any for sale anywhere. I would imagine it is because they are so hard to find these days and they are not exactly easy to pick when you do find them!

  2. I think the dry weather is going to make them scarce this year. It was really great to see you!

  3. All of this rain that we are getting from tropical storm Lee would have been great a couple of months ago! I am seriously thinking about buying a couple of chinkypin bushes so that I can grow my own!

    I will probably have to wrap them in deer netting or all of my "yard deer" will eat them up!

    Leslie, thanks for sharing chinkypin info with me!


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