Friday, September 23, 2011

Folk Remedies #1


***Disclaimer:  I do not suggest trying any of these folk remedies.***

If you have a troublesome wart, steal someone's dishrag and bury it under a rock in a secret location.  When the dishrag rots, your wart will disappear.

If you have a headache, soak a piece of brown paper in vinegar and apply to forehead.

For insomnia, drink a tea made from catnip.

To cure an earache, blow tobacco smoke into the ear.

A person made mad by the bite of a mad-dog was smothered between feather beds to relieve him of his misery.

A potato carried in the pocket constantly, will cure rheumatism.  It all goes into the potato which will becomes dry and hard.

To stop bleeding, repeat Ezekiel 16:6 three times.  This could only be performed by someone who had the knowledge passed down to them.  Each person could only pass the knowledge down to one person.

To cure acne, wash your face in urine.

To rid yourself of worms, drink some turpentine.

To stop a nosebleed, put crushed yarrow in the nostril.


  1. My Pawpaw told me to cure acne by peeing in my hands and washing my face with it. Needless to say I passed. ;o)

    I also heard if you tie a string around a wart, and then bury the string under a rock the wart would be cured.

    Tobacco juice will take the pain out of a bee sting.

    Use vinegar to take the sting out of a sunburn.

    (I can vouch for the last two actually working. :o))

  2. Hi ~ found your blog via your Youtube channel. I've often listened to your "Burnette's Lament" many times. It's one of my favorites.

    I have heard that the yarrow remedy works but you have to be careful with it. Inserting the yarrow leaf into the nose without touching the sides of your nose at all and it will stop a nose bleed. But if you stick a yarrow leaf in your nose while not having a nose bleed (*why* anyone would be possessed to do that I have no idea...) it will actually *cause* a nose bleed. I'm not planning on testing the theory, lol.

    And I can also say the the tobacco juice for a bee sting and vinegar for sunburn works. The vinegar stings like an I don't know what, but it takes the burn out.'s a long shot I know but I have to ask. You wouldn't happen to have the tablature for Burnette's Lament would you? I would *love* to learn that one!

  3. My grandpa was a tobacco farmer and a beekeeper. He always told me that tobacco juice would cure a bee sting. Fortunately, I never have had an occasion to find out how well it works, but it sounds like it works!!

    Rach & housewife, I remember my grandmother rubbing vinegar all over my sunburns (and I had plenty because I am so fair-skinned!!). I always loved it because I LOVE vinegar. . . the way it smells and the way it tastes!! AND, it really did make the sunburn feel better! :)

    Backwoods housewife--Thank you for your compliments on "Burnette's Lament"! It is one of my favorite tunes to play. Unfortunately, I do not have the tab to the tune. I just created it one day when I was sitting around messing with my dulcimer. If I could, I would be happy to write the tab out, but I have never been too good at that type of thing.
    I am glad to hear that you have heard both of those things about yarrow, because so have I! I have never tried either one though. Back in the 19th century, I know that they really liked to bleed people for all different purposes, so perhaps sticking the leaf up the nose was just another way to remove some of your blood!


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