Sunday, March 4, 2012

Handpainted Yarn Workshop

I have always wanted to learn how to handpaint yarn and roving, so today I attended a workshop at Wooly Belle.   We used Dharma Acid Dyes.

Wool yarn just waiting for some color.
It was soaked in a water/vinegar mixture overnight.

Starting with the lightest color first.  Sun Yellow.

The next color?  Emerald

Some Sapphire Blue

Adding some Bright Scarlet
More Sapphire Blue . . . 

Wrapping it up in plastic wrap.  Next stop?  The microwave.

Princess Nikki supervising the proceedings.
(Nikki is available for adoption!!!)

Just out of the microwave.  HOT!!!

LOVING the colors!  Still VERY hot!

Washed and rinsed. I can't wait for it to dry!

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