Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mystery Item Answer

Yesterday's mystery item was:  A Buzz Saw Toy!

To see one of these toys in action, check out this YouTube video by TWooley2:    

When I was a child, Grandma would make these toys for me out of a large button and a string. Wow!  They would really spin and whiz!  Unfortunately the string would break rather easily.  Grandma would always let me play with them but with strict instructions to never hold it directly in front of my face. She did not want the button to hit me in the eye when the string broke . . . and it WAS going to break! Even now when I play with one of these toys, I always hold it angled away from my face.  Rather safe than sorry!

When you get the buzz saw going, it produces an angry buzzing sound. The harder and faster you pull the string the louder that delightful whirring buzz! Please be sure to heed the advice given in the video about not getting long hair tangled into the string!  Let's just say that I have had long hair most of my life and I have personal experience with this no-no!


  1. There's probably some law somewhere to prevent a child from playing with such a dangerous toy these days! I can't imagine how we survived.

    1. You are probably right Leslie! :D It IS a miracle that we survived at all!


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