Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Grade Valentine's Day

A fun Valentine for my knitter friends!

I can still remember the excitement building up for several days before my first grade Valentine's Day party. We would always tease each other about who would get a card from that special someone. Looking back, it is rather amusing because I can remember Mrs. Shelor telling us that we had to give each one of our classmates a Valentine, so I am not sure what was going through our heads about a "special" card from a "special" someone!

Mrs. Shelor explained to us that we needed to bring a box which would be placed along the window sill so that our classmates could put the Valentines inside. One of the fun things for me was getting to decorate the box. Grandma gave me a shoe box and helped me cut a slot in the top so that the cards could be dropped inside.  She also gave me some white tissue paper to cover the box.  (I am pretty certain that it was a Buster Brown shoe box!) Adding a decorative touch to the box involved cutting red, white, and pink hearts out of construction paper and lots of hearts drawn in crayon. Of course, what would a Valentine's heart be without an arrow drawn through it?

A couple of my classmate's mothers agreed to bring refreshments for the party. They brought punch, chips and CUPCAKES!  I had never seen a cupcake before and I was totally fascinated that I got to have a beautiful little cake with a piece of candy pressed into the icing all to myself! I was also totally taken by the paper cup in which the little cake was nestled. Magical!  I remember running home and telling grandma all about these magical little cakes. She laughed and showed me a cupcake pan that she had and told me that we could make them also. I was worried because we did not have any of those little paper cups for the cupcakes. Grandma explained that we did not have to use them to make the little cakes, but we could buy them at the store. Yay! This was also the first time that I can ever remember hearing the word "refreshments".  Ever since, any time that I hear that word, my brain automatically thinks "cupcake!"

After refreshments, we got to look at all of the cards inside our Valentine box. Of course, we loved the ones from our close girlfriends and squealed over the ones from the boys.  Each one of us received 25 Valentines in our box--24 from our classmates and one from our teacher, Mrs. Shelor. 

Another fun childhood memory that makes me smile!

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  1. This is exactly like the little Valentine's Day parties we had when I was in lower elementary school. Wonder if the kids in Meadows of Dan this morning are looking forward to the same sort of party?

  2. I hope that they do still have that experience! I wish that I had a cupcake right now! :D


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