Thursday, January 23, 2014

Visiting Virginia Alpaca Farms, Part II

We visited Otter Peaks Alpacas in Thaxton, Virginia.

Another gorgeous view!

More fiber to fondle and buy!

More beautiful yarn and hug-able alpaca teddy bears

Beautiful finished garments

Great hats
Getting some alpaca kisses

Look at my mustache

Beautiful animals

Natural eyeliner

Dianne getting hugs
Della and her new friend

I wonder if I can fit him in my car . . . 

Look at the beautiful crimp in this alpaca!

Hey!  Just hanging out and being cool

Another look at my 'stache

Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?

More beautiful alpaca fiber

Yo . . . look at me!

Just in case you missed my sexy 'stache . . .

I'm the handsomest of ALL!
**special thanks to Della Fifer for sharing some of her photos**

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