Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I just realized that I have not written anything on this blog in over a month and getting close to two months! I am embarrassed and disappointed in myself. Now to start making excuses:

1. I am taking an online course on Coursera called "Plagues, Witches, and Wars: The Worlds of Historical Fiction."  If you haven't checked out the courses available on this site, do it!  They offer some fabulous classes and best of all . . . they are FREE! As long as you pass the class, you do get a certificate of completion. The one that I am taking involves lectures, TONS of reading, quizzes, and a paper. So far, I am absolutely loving it, but it is taking up quite a bit of time.

2. I have two craft shows coming up where I will be selling my handspun yarn, so I have been busy doing a LOT of spinning.

3.  I have been furiously knitting on a shawl made from my handspun, so that I will have it to wear at the upcoming shows.

4.  I have been learning to crochet!

5. I have dyed a bunch of my handspun yarns for the aforementioned craft shows.

6.  I have been washing two fleeces getting them ready to send to the carding mill to be processed into roving.  I finally got them in the mail about a week ago. 

7. I have been having a few health issues that have sidelined me also, but hopefully, those are going to continue improving.

8.  I have several ideas for some upcoming blog posts, but they are going to be difficult ones for me to write about from an emotional standpoint.  However, I really do want to share them.  Stay tuned!

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