Thursday, May 24, 2012

Folk Speech

A visitor in my backyard
Are you familiar with these words?

Naught (aught)-- zero.  "If you subtract 3 from 3 you are left with naught." 

Munts--months. "I have not seen him for two munts."

Farting-Spell--A short space of time. "She can make a whole quilt in just a farting-spell. 

Needle-wires--knitting needles

Eow (Yoe or Yowe)--A female sheep

Noggin--A vessel of wood, with iron or brass hoops. Also refers to hair that is cut straight round as if a noggin had been turned over the head to cut by.  (I would guess that is why we sometimes refer to someone's head as as their "noggin.")

Ewst--Past tense. Used; was accustomed. "She ewst to go to that church."

Noration--A rumor; a long, rambling account.  "She put out the noration that there would be a dance there next week."

Ellum--An elm tree

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